Iceberg Travel March News

Iceberg Travel Mid-Winter Edition

Welcome to our Mid-Winter Newsletter! If you are new to our newsletter list, I hope […]

Iceberg Travel June News

How much fun is Queenstown, NZ? I was recently there as part of the Famil […]

Iceberg Travel May News

Suddenly it’s cold in Brisbane! We need to take advantage of this – quickly! It […]

Iceberg Travel April News

Our group for Meetings NZ is all full now – we are looking forward to […]

Iceberg Travel March News

March already! Are you thinking that too?  We’ve had a great time this month taking […]

Iceberg Travel February News

It’s February already! We have had the first of our after-work drinkies – thanks so […]

Welcome back from Iceberg Travel

Welcome to 2015! This year we are looking forward to sending groups all over the […]

Merry Christmas from Iceberg Travel

We’ve had a great year with Iceberg Travel – thanks so much to Marie for […]